The Astonishing LaFerrari Aperta, Sold at Auction for $7,000,000

LaFerrari Aperta is a hybrid sports car intended to offer the utmost performances behind the wheel and such a piece of art was sold at auction last year for $7,000,000. Exclusive design, flamboyant shapes and outrageous performances can be explained and felt only if you dare to drive LaFerrari Aperta like most wealthy sheiks do nowadays.

Why is LaFerrari Aperta the one and only car?

First of all, it is good to know that there are only 209 units worldwide, already sold-out, after a pretentious analysis of the customers, which are important clients on a closed list. With 963 HP, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, top speed of 342 km/h, F1 style, powerful engine and sporty interiors, LaFerrari Aperta was the perfect gift for the 70th anniversary of the company last year. This is a piece of jewelry with a retractable roof, a supercar for clients with particular tastes and no compromises when it comes to luxury, supremacy, and wealth.

LaFerrari Aperta was created to impress the world

Aperta means open in Italian, a perfect word that matches the Ferrari style you can recognize from miles away. This is the first hybrid made by Ferrari in 70 years of activity, making it the most powerful sports car ever built by the company. Made entirely of carbon fiber, with butterfly door-angle, gorgeous seats that lead the driver into another world and outstanding speed, LaFerrari Aperta is definitely synonym to extravagance and you might admire the diamond on four wheels down the streets of incredible Dubai, driven by wealthy princes or magnates who bought such cars via invitations from Ferrari.

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