How to Properly Take Care of a Ground Power Unit

Summary: Ground power units play a crucial role in preparing an aircraft for takeoff, which is why it is important to understand how to properly take good care of these vehicles.

An effective and reliable portable power supply is something all aviation enthusiasts can agree is tremendously important to have before takeoff. If the power starting unit is not kept in good condition there is a possibility that the equipment may not work as effectively as stated, which is a safety hazard pilots and passengers will want to avoid.


When Using the Unit


Whether you are using a helicopter starting unit or a power source for another type of aircraft, there are some best practices that should be kept in mind to make sure your tools will not get damaged. If connected to an outlet an electrical surge protector could prevent any harm from being done to electronic components.


When you are done charging your aircraft unplug the unit from the head. Yanking on the cable is not recommended, as the tension created when doing so can eventually tear the internals up. When such damage is done to a cord the most practical solution is to replace it, which could be costly.


When Storing the Unit


When the ground power unit is not in use it is smart to store it in a dry area, as water and moisture can damage the wires found in electrical devices. Similarly, exposing the unit to extreme temperatures, whether in hot or cold environments, can also damage it. Rolling the cord of the power unit up is a good way to prevent people or objects from putting pressure on it.


Stores like Start Pac offers a wide variety of power solutions that come in carrier cases that make it easy to keep your charging unit tucked away and secure when it is not being used.

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